A day after February

And so it is, another number added in the life cycle of mine. I just ate a cake, untied some balloons and watched it fly until it disappeared from the sky one by one. I can’t even remember what color was my favorite but I noticed the sky was green and constantly hearing that breeze coming from the trees covering the sunset. Did I miss something? Definitely not the red sea. I enjoy looking at the boats sailing in circles. Some of them spend years there and still fail catching the right fish. Some of them are lucky but most of them are tragic and yet these are the songs most birds sing. Not bad at all. 

Anyway, those are the things I think about while cycling in the middle of EDSA. Whatever happened to those two million twitter subscribers? The rebels turn against the rebellion, how ironic isn’t it? The fact that they never found the answer on why is the exact reason they find it hard to grasp the reality and the reality is there are others, hundred billions of them today. 

I guess I just work too much, I don’t even have time to create my own artwork for my featured image, I just used clipart, what a shame, maybe next time. Sskapoosh!