my mobo is dead

18 September 2022

must be the thunder storm executed ít.Thinking if I should revive my crappy pc or just get a used laptop. I don’t have any plans to buy a new one this year. So many things in my head running in circles.

Moving out.

Planning to move to Pasig next year or maybe some place near work. I really can’t stand the traffic and long lines. I’ll be on my own again soon and I’m doin all I can to save or am I?


I always wanted to get an electric kick scoot, maybe a gift for myself this xmas and maybe start a moto vlog?

Passive income.

I need to continue selling images and artworks. The investment is a bit tough. I hope I can find time and of course I need to fix my pc first.


I got old and it sucks. It feels like I’m slowly deteriorating. Can’t eat all the foods I want, 

i can’t do longer runs any more, lost a tooth, white hairs, wrinkles and stuff like that. But overall I think I’m doing alright. I just need to check my mojo…need to check if it’s still working. 

Qué será, será

but of course along the way a lot of things could happen and like the old song goes…

PS. this is my first attempt to update this blog using just my smartphone. cool eh 😁😎