Taking a break.

Taking a break from my long rides after getting my first bike accident, got a flat tire on my front wheel then suddenly I got out of balance and fell off, luckily it’s just a minor injury. Some riders tried to help and a traffic enforcer offered to call an ambulance, I said thanks I can handle it and told him that I’ll just go back home. I think it was about 12km away from home and I got like 100 pesos. The good thing is there’s a lot of vulcanizing shops there and I was able to ride back home. I remember stopping by somewhere to get a drink because I was so damn thirsty and so I got this coconut juice and while I was sipping it a guy from the store was laughing at me, I thought he was looking at my knee because it was bleeding badly and I was like I don’t care but I realize it was my coconut juice, the plastic bag got a hole and the juice is spitting out fast and so I just tried to threw it away. It was really a bad day.

But I’m alright now, completely recovered, it was four weeks ago and I already took some short rides. I realize the farther I go I get more and more excited. I was getting too fast and not realizing the danger anymore. Well, It left me another scar to remind me of that. I’ll be more prepared next time. I’m getting new tires soon and upgrading some protective gears too before getting back.

Meanwhile my job is keeping me busy, I hope it slows down a bit. I need to breathe. Maybe next month? I want to start shooting again, stock images and some portraits.